Cotswolds, witney



The largest shopping centre in West Oxfordshire and a dormitory town to Oxford has seen much rapid expansion in the past 25-years. A town of hustle and bustle with a good share of attractive limestone buildings. Note the C17 Butter Cross with gabled roof, clock turret and sundial. The Town Hall with room overhanging a piazza and across Church Green the unusually handsome spire to the Parish Church visible from far and wide.

There have been signs of Iron Age and Roman settlements but the first records of any activity date from 969 AD. The Bishop of Westminster built a palace in 1044 which was eventually excavated in 1984. In 1277 the town’s business centred on the fulling and cloth mills. In the Middle Ages gloves, blankets and brewing were the staple industries. Earlys of Witney, the blanket makers were in business for 300-years until quite recently. All of this has been ably recorded by the new Blanket Hall and Cogges Manor Farm Museum.

“Special Places" to Visit:  

Blanket Hall
Cogges Manor Farm Museum
Witney Museum.