Cotswolds, Malmesbury



Claims to be the oldest borough in England (although Barnstaple, in North Devon may dispute this) - established in 880 AD. Military strategists have described its hilltop location as the best naturally defended inland position of all ancient settlements. No wonder then that King Athelstan, the first King of all England, chose it as his home.


Set on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment, it is a cheaper place to stay than the more central towns. Its spirit though lies with the Wiltshire landscape. Dyson, the innovative design company of vacuum cleaners, hair dryers (and now electric cars) is the major employer and has brought some much needed zest, style and money to this isolated town. However, James Dyson was not the first inventor to work in the town. You must go back to the free-spirited monk, Eilmer, in the C11, who designed and built his own hang glider. 

“Special Places" to Visit:  

Abbey House Gardens
Athelstan Museum
 Malmesbury Abbey Church of St Peter & St Paul