Cotswolds, Cirencester



One of the finest and most affluent towns in the Cotswolds lies Cirencester surrounded by a plethora of attractive villageswhose populace (often second home owners) tend to shop, and hob-knob in Ciren (as the locals call it). The smart shops, and bars, reflect the riches of its patrons. As the Roman town Corinium, it became the second largest Roman town (after London)  in Britain. 

Its strategic position at the confluence of the major routes (the Fosse Way, Ermin Way and Akeman Street)  combined with the vast rolling sheep pastures brought great wealth in the Middle Ages. The history of Cirencester, and the Cotswolds, is ably documented at the impressive Corinium Museum. On the outskirts of the town stands the RoyalAgricultural College, famous for producing generations of estate managers and farmers from all classes of society. All the best eating places appear to be on Black Jack Street. Saturday and Friday are market days. July Carnival.  


“Special Places" to Visit:  

Cirencester Park
Corinium Museum
New Brewery Arts
The Parish Church of St John the Baptist