A seaside resort first developed by the Victorians that has witnessed, of late, much resurgence, in no small part due to the popularity of surfing and beach activities. The long, extensive beaches, just a short walk from the town centre, and those to the south and north of the town, are breathtaking. The coastline has been thesad scene of many shipwrecks - 80 ships were foundered or wrecked between 1824-74. The town abounds with surf shops, hostels, countless coffee shops, and when the Low Pressure is in force the beaches are populated with black shadows, in summer and winter. It is the most accessible of Cornish surf resorts, and is host to many surf schools. Canal, carnival and fete - August (third week). ‘Blessing of the Sea’ - Aug. E/C Th.

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Launcells Church
Old Canal
Poughill Church
The Castle
The Weir