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Sheepscomb & Slad

Sheepscomb & Slad

A straggling village surrounded by beautiful woodland, rolling pastures and green hills. The view down the valley looking towards Painswick church is a beauty. It is the ancestral home of Laurie Lee whose parents moved to Slad. He maintained a connection with the village by purchasing a field for the cricket club, so named Laurie Lee Field. A network of footpaths leads through woodland to Painswick, Cranham and Slad one of the Stroud villages where cloth was spun in the little cottages before it all moved to South Riding, Yorkshire. Hundreds flock here to walk in the shadow of Laurie Lee’s "Cider With Rosie" and to sample the brew still available in the Woolpack Inn. If you have recently read the  book which captures an England long forgotten you will recognise the woods and valleys, so described. You  may wish to make your way to Bulls Cross, the hanging place, and now the start-off point for a circular walk. Laurie Lee lies buried in the churchyard opposite the Woolpack.  RIP Lol.


"Special Places" to visit

Cranham Woods
Ebworth Estate
Laurie Lee Nature Walk
Laurie Lee’s Grave
The Whiteway Colony