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One of the most popular beauty spots in the Cotswolds but best visited out of season or at daybreak. It can be charming on a quiet frostbitten morning when only the postman is out and about, so be advised to avoid a busy bank holiday when the hordes arrive in coaches and their charabancs. With ice cream in hand the visitors sit beside the river wetting their bare feet in the Windrush, and there’s not a stitch of green grass visible through all the paraphernalia. The tourist brochures describe it as ‘The Venice of the Cotswolds,' no doubt, because the River Windrush is spanned with low graceful bridges. You must, however, look beyond the crowdsand the tacky gift shops and wander the little streets for there are some beautiful houses to admire. 

Bourton may not thrill the jaded teenager or hard-bitten traveller, but it will delight small children - mine loved to run across the little bridges, paddle in the river and feed the ducks, and you have, of course, Birdland, the Model Village, the Motoring Museum and the Model Railway, all devised for family fun and rainy days. The village is built above Salmonsbury Camp, a Roman settlement, and also above a former underground reservoir. It is not an uncommon sight to see a sprightly pensioner move into the village, and within eighteen months, be seen wobbling along the lane, bent double by the damp. Bourton has its fair share of pubs that cater for the tourist. Perhaps, the most traditional bar is in the Old New Inn. Tearooms are plentiful. July Carnival. Water Game - August BH Sa.  


“Special Places” to Visit

Birdland Park & Gardens
Cotswold Farm Park
Cotswold Motoring Museum
Cotswold Perfumery
Dragonfly Maze
Model Railway & Model Village
Santhill Fisheries