Jubilee Wharf - Penryn

Jubilee Wharf

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The Building:

It is striking. Pass by Penryn’s harbour front coming from or to towards Falmouth, or down the hill from Penryn’s High Street and you will be rewarded with a view of what some have called “The greenest building to date”. That was Jonathan Glancey’s reaction in The Guardian when it first opened in 2007. 

Jubilee Wharf is an award-winning development. The vision of Andrew Marston (owner) and Bill Dunster of ZED Factory Architects.  The development combines a mix of Housing, workshops, offices, children’s nursery, health and fitness classes and the cafe, Muddy Beach. 


In these tricky times of short community housing Jubilee Wharf is a beacon,  an example, of what can be achieved without compromising the environment.  On site you have a collective of Super Insulation, Onsite micro generation, solar panels, photovoltaic panels, bio-mass heating, natural ventilation, reduced water consumption, low VCO paints, all by using local and reclaimed materials. Full details can be seen on their website. 

A Contrast:

During the winter months, in times past,  you could view a lovely contrast to this eco-technology for the working boat the Agnes was moored on the quay. The Agnes is Luke Powell’s 46 ft pilot cutter built to the lines of the original Agnes of 1841. The Agnes is now moored in Falmouth. Luke runs Working Sail a business currently building The Pellew, a 65 ft reproduction of a Falmouth Pilot Cutter previously mentioned in our Journal. 

The Habitues:

Around the corner from the Muddy Beach Cafe you have Brickworks Ceramic Workshop, Cycle Solutions, John Howard Printmaking, Jubilee Wharf Gallery, Sidekick Boutique, Tai Chi…and upstairs Zedshed for your yoga, pilates, dance and fitness classes, mindfulness and workshops. 

A veritable hub of creativity and technological brilliance. 


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Now, if you wish to stay here there is a floating Airbnb site; FloathouseAmelie. The views and sounds of the estuary will calm and relax you into a catatonic state of peace. 

Goldeneye is to feature in their Cornwall On-Line Guide what we have described as:

“New Wave” Community Destinations. Jubilee Wharf is the first to be written up in our Journal.

Address - Commercial Road,  Penryn TR10 8FG