The site of the third deepest natural harbour in the World, and haven for international yachtsmen. The Phoenicians and Romans came here in search of tin. In the late C16, Sir Walter Raleigh persuaded the piratical, Killigrew family to develop the harbour’s potential, and for 200 years Falmouth became the centre of the Mail Packet Trade, smuggling and piracy. Falmouth (Aberfal) is a busy and likeable town with many places in which to share a coffee, sink a pint or take a snack or meal. There is a lively café culture and we list some of the best in “Light Bites”. The town has some new architectural developments, notably the National Maritime Museum and adjacent area. Outside the town, there is the Penryn Campus containing departments from the Universities of Exeter and Falmouth. At Wood Lane, the Universities Fine Art and Graphics departments. Popular yachting centre. Cinema and 3 beaches.

Regatta week - mid Aug. E/C W.


Photography: Copyright ©William Fricker Photography/Goldeneye Guides